About Us

Skana Imaging Solutions Inc. is a leading edge photo-lab and digital imaging product supplier. Since 1979, Skana Imaging Solutions Inc. has built a solid reputation supplying and servicing Photo Print Labs and Photo-image retailers across Canada. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is eager to assist you in finding the right product, service or system to grow your business and keep it running.

Skana’s mission is to continuously provide the highest quality products and services that meet the needs of a dynamic and changing imaging-lab market. Skana has built a solid reputation as the go-to company for all imaging-lab solutions, products and services. We aim to continue building relationships with our customers by providing the best products or services for our customers.


Our overall objective is to continuously improve products and service offerings to continue to be the #1 imaging supplier to our customers.

Skana has currently enjoyed good business relationships with national retailers in Canada. Over the past 5 years the photo industry has experienced a seismic shift to digital which eliminated the lines between photo shops, print shops, sign shops. New pure play online services are gobbling up market share and showing a path to success for the retailers.

While this interlude has been painful, Skana has weathered the time frame well. Skana emerges from this event stronger than it started with its initial customer base intact with its original key employees fully committed to a successful business, a strong supplier base ready to serve, all infrastructure necessary to run the business in place. Our focus is to now shift our efforts to the overall print market.

We look at the past 10 years as a wonderful if painful education, Skana Imaging Solutions Inc. with Foreseeson Technologies Inc. is a new and refocused company, with excellent knowledge of all aspects of the business, the Industry’s best brands, a seasoned and talented employee base, and complete support of sales, operations and industry partners.

Skana is a company positioned to grow fast – with a compressed ramp up period of strong growth and profits.

Our Mission Statement

Skana’s mission will be to continuously provide imaging products of the highest quality at competitive prices, which meet the needs of a growing market for imaging products. We will continue to operate as the leading photo imaging specialist that will gain us the positive strong ties with our customers and the business community. We will operate on sound financial principals of profitability and growth to insure fiscal responsibility and overall health of the organization.